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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

8 Tips to prevent post Holiday Credit Card Fraud

With your cards being used online, over the phone and in person it’s easy to lose track of purchases. The key is keep good records and be diligent about your security. Here are eight great tips that will go a super long way in preventing post holiday account takeover in the form of credit card fraud. #1. To ensure your best chances of escaping fraudulent activity involving your credit card (which can occur even if the card isn’t stolen), follow these tips: Go over every transaction online and account for it. Inquire about unfamiliar purchases with family members who are permitted to use your card. Immediately phone the card issuer if you spot a suspicious transaction. #2. Document order confirmations. Screenshot the final confirmation page of your purchase, and save the confirmation e-mail. #3. Personal information protection. Before you buy online, review the website’s privacy policy regarding personal information requests and how this will be used. Consider it a red flag if yo